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Pino Donaggio Body Double - Vinyl Soundtrack
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Immerse Yourself in the Terrifying World of Horror Movie Soundtracks on Vinyl

Discover the spine-tingling collection of horror movie soundtracks on vinyl from At The Movies. Each record in our collection is a haunting journey through the scores of the most chilling and iconic horror films. Experience the thrill of horror through the immersive sound of vinyl.

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Our selection includes soundtracks from both classic and modern horror movies. From the eerie melodies of vintage classics to the intense scores of contemporary horror, our vinyl collection caters to all horror aficionados.

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These horror movie soundtracks on vinyl are not just for horror fans but also for vinyl collectors. The dynamic range and rich sound of vinyl bring these terrifying scores to life, making them a must-have for any serious record collection.

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Each vinyl in our collection is selected for its sound quality and ability to deliver an authentic horror experience. Relive the suspense and terror of your favorite horror movies with these masterfully composed soundtracks.

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