On this page you will find all the ‘At The Movies’ film scores and soundtracks rooted in Drama and Arthouse genres. Dramas are known for their realistic and emotional characters. The Arthouse genre is also familiar with these traits and can explore themes such as social issues and human emotions. Films by arthouse directors such as Fellini and Lynch can be found in this section, as well as classic dramas such as Forrest Gump and The Fabelmans.


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Matthew Herbert A Fantastic Woman - Vinyl Soundtrack
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Exploring the World of Arthouse Movie Soundtracks on Vinyl

Arthouse films, known for their artistic and often unconventional storytelling, are complemented by equally distinctive soundtracks. At, we offer an exclusive collection of Arthouse Movie Soundtrack Vinyls that capture the essence of these cinematic masterpieces. These soundtracks, often crafted by some of the most innovative composers, offer a rich auditory experience. Our selection ranges from avant-garde compositions to more subtle, nuanced scores, each Arthouse Movie Vinyl providing a unique window into the soul of its film.

The Unique Soundscapes of Arthouse Soundtracks

Arthouse movie soundtracks stand apart for their ability to convey deep emotions and complex themes through music. Our range of Arthouse Movie Soundtrack Records celebrates this uniqueness. These vinyls are not just about the music; they're about the experience. From the haunting melodies that underscore a dramatic scene to the minimalist compositions that speak volumes, each Arthouse Movie Record is a journey through the creative minds of both filmmakers and composers.

A Diverse Collection: From Disney to Arthouse

At, our collection showcases the diversity within the world of soundtracks. While Disney Soundtracks bring a sense of nostalgia and joy, our Arthouse Movie LPs offer a more introspective and immersive experience. This variety ensures that every music lover, from those seeking the familiarity of Disney melodies to those exploring the depths of arthouse cinema, finds something that resonates with them.

Anime and Studio Ghibli: A Crossover into Arthouse

Anime soundtracks, especially those from Studio Ghibli, often cross into the realm of arthouse with their intricate and emotionally charged compositions. Our Anime Soundtracks and Studio Ghibli Soundtracks on vinyl celebrate this crossover. These records provide fans with a fusion of artistic animation and music, embodying the spirit of arthouse cinema in a format that appeals to a broad audience.

The Art of Collecting Arthouse Movie Soundtracks

For collectors and cinephiles, Arthouse Movie Soundtrack Vinyls are more than just music; they are treasures that encapsulate the spirit of cinema. Our collection at is carefully curated to offer the best in sound quality and artistic value. Whether it’s a rare indie film score or a renowned arthouse classic, our vinyls are a must-have for those who appreciate the finer aspects of film music.