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Wednesday - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 29,91 EUR

Release: August 11, 2023

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  • 2 LP
  • The album is a Coloured Vinyl original soundtrack.

Label: Lakeshore

EAN: 0780163632620



  • Wednesday Main Titles - Danny Elfman
  • Thing Follows Rowen
  • Morticia and Wednesday
  • Secret Library
  • Scorpion Flashback
  • The Monster
  • Family Day
  • Burning Outcasts

Side B

  • Wednesday on the Case
  • Dress Shopping
  • Gomez Accused of Murder
  • A Dove and a Raven
  • Gomez’ Story
  • A More Than Adequate Father
  • It’s A Snood
  • Morticia’s Yearbook
  • Devious Plan
  • I Will Find You

Side C

  • Searching the House
  • The Monster Is Here!
  • Uncle Fester
  • Annoying Distractions
  • Fester and Wednesday Stakeout
  • Let’s Roll
  • Stabbed in the Back
  • First Kiss

Side D

  • Wednesday Packs Up
  • Crackstone Rises
  • Goody Heals Wednesday
  • Enid To The Rescue
  • The Hug
  • The End…?
  • End Credits


Composed by

  • Danny Elfman

Including artists

  • Danny Elfman
  • Chris Bacon

Immerse yourself in the haunting melodies of the Wednesday Addams Original Soundtrack on limited edition purple smoky marbled vinyl. Composed by Danny Elfman and Chris Bacon, this soundtrack captures the dark and whimsical essence of the beloved character. From mysterious lullabies to spine-chilling orchestrations, each track will transport you into the macabre world of Wednesday Addams. This 2-vinyl set is a must-have for vinyl collectors and fans of the iconic Addams Family. Don't miss your chance to own this captivating soundtrack that perfectly captures the spirit of Wednesday. Order your copy today and indulge in the enchanting sounds of Wednesday Addams.

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