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Cocaine Bear - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 37,84 EUR

Release: September 01, 2023


  • The Complete Score by Composer Mark Mothersbaugh
  • 180 Gram Cocaine and Crystal Clear Colored Vinyl
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Jackets
  • Design and Layout by Matt Needle
  • 12"x12" Insert

Label: Waxwork

EAN: 0657768290251


Side A

1. Mark Mothersbaugh - Kristoffer and Elsa Hike

2. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bear Attack

3. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bathroom Fight

4. Mark Mothersbaugh - Up and Down a Tree

5. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bob Arrives

6. Mark Mothersbaugh - No Entry....Bear

7. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bob Finds Gazebo

8. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bob Shoots Daveed

9. Mark Mothersbaugh - Cokey Falls Asleep

Side B

1. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bear Dance

2. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bad Cop and Butterfly

3. Mark Mothersbaugh - Waterfall

4. Mark Mothersbaugh - Cliffside Confrontation

5. Mark Mothersbaugh - Cokey Comes Alive

6. Mark Mothersbaugh - Bros

7. Mark Mothersbaugh - Rosette / Wrap Up



Composed by

  • Mark Mothersbaugh

Including artists

  • Mark Mothersbaugh

Experience the Cocaine Bear Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on vinyl from Waxwork Records. Composed by Mark Mothersbaugh, this soundtrack captures the wild and dark comedy inspired by a true story. Directed by Elizabeth Banks, the film follows the chaos caused by a bear that consumes a massive amount of cocaine. Mothersbaugh's score reflects the '80s culture, evolving from pop to heavier tones with synths providing an energetic pulse. With authentic instruments from the era, this soundtrack delivers a nostalgic sound. Get this must-have addition to your vinyl collection now.

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