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Barbenheimer Vinyl Soundtrack Bundle

€ 111,56 EUR

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  • Heavyweight sleeve with glossy finish
  • Includes 12"x12" insert
  • Pressed on Pink vinyl


  • Pressed on Orange Opaque
  • Comes with 3 Gatefold sleeves & 3-page booklet
  • Available as a 3 LP


EAN: Barbenheimer23



Side A

1. Creation of Barbie

2. Pink ("Barbie" Opening Theme) *Lizzo Cover

3. Beach Off

4. Ken Thinks

5. Stairway to Weird Barbie

6. Thoughts of Death

7. Send Me Through the Portal

8. Ken Makes a Discovery

9. Bus Stop Billie *Billie Eilish Cover

10. Mattel

11. Meeting Ruth *Billie Eilish Cover


Side B

12. You Failed Me!

13. Alan vs Kens

14. Deprogramming

15. Warmth of Your Gaze

16. An Ending

17. I Don't Have an Ending

18. What Was I Made For? (Epilogue) *Billie Eilish Cover


Side A

  1. Fission  
  2. Can You Hear The Music
  3. A Lowly Shoe Salesman
  4. Quantum Machanics
  5. Gravity Swallows Light

Side B

  1. Meeting Kitty
  2. Groves Manhattan Project
  3. American Prometheus
  4. Atmospheric Ignition

Side C

  1. Los Alamos
  2. Fusion Colonel Pash
  3. Theorists Ground Zero

Side D

  1. Trinity
  2. What We Have Done
  3. Power Stays In The Shadows

Side E

  1. The Trial
  2. Dr. Hill
  3. Kitty Comes To Testify
  4. Something More Important

Side F

  1. Destroyer of Worlds
  2. Oppenheimer


Composed by

Including artists

  • Ludwig Göransson
  • Mark Ronson

Yeah that’s, right! It’s the wombo-combo you’ve been waiting for! Our Barbenheimer Bundle is finally here and is here to blow that pinkroom to smithereens through your speakers. You won’t know what hit you after hearing some of Barbie’s happy tunes, topping off with the already legendary opening theme “Pink”, as you switch to the dramatic songs from Ludwig Göransson composition. Take your pick: a Nuclear Orange 3LP or a pink colored vinyl….Oh wait, you don’t have to with the Barbenheimer Bundle!

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