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The Witcher Season 3 - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 33,05 EUR

Release: November 10, 2023


  • Black Vinyl
  • Includes 2x double-sided black vinyl in a gatefold with printed sleeves and an insert featuring song lyrics, liner notes and artwork from the show.
  • Each package also includes one double-sided poster. The poster will feature either of the following pairings: Geralt x Ciri, Geralt x Yennefer, Geralt x Jaskier or Ciri x Yennefer. The poster in each package is chosen at random.

Label: Milan

EAN: 0196588243714


Record 1

  • I Importune You
  • A Time of Contempt
  • Shaerrawedd
  • Lessons in Smiling
  • Extraordinary Things
  • Jackapace
  • Whispers of a Dozen Bounties
  • Death Itself
  • Let Me Guess, You Have a Plan?
  • He's a Spoon
  • A Mission for You
  • Aeschna
  • She Was Gone
  • You Sure About This?
  • All Is Not As It Seems
  • The Melange (A Witcher Tango)

Record 2

  • Break the Bind
  • Failure of Judgement
  • Arrogance Will Be Your Undoing
  • Korath
  • A Little Sacrifice (Feat. Freya Allen)
  • Little Horse
  • You Will Change Everything
  • Enchanted Flowers (Feat. Joey Batey)
  • Brokilon
  • Chaos Has Consequences
  • Long Live the King
  • Rats
  • Fair Fight
  • The Ride of the Witcher (Feat. Joey Batey)


Composed by

  • Joseph Trapese

Including artists

Delve into the mesmerizing world of "The Witcher" Season 3 with its captivating vinyl soundtrack. Crafted by Joseph Trapanese, the soundtrack seamlessly blends score tracks with vocal performances by Joey Batey, renowned as the voice behind the hit "Toss A Coin to Your Witcher" from Season 1. Adding to the enchantment, Polish folk band Percival Schuttenbach contributes their unique touch, celebrated for their music in "The Witcher" video games.

A remarkable addition to this season's soundtrack is the debut of Freya Allan (Ciri), who lends her voice to the evocative track "A Little Sacrifice." The vinyl package features 2x double-sided black vinyl, nestled within a gatefold adorned with captivating artwork and an insert containing lyrics, liner notes, and show imagery. Additionally, each vinyl package includes a double-sided poster, showcasing iconic character pairings. Experience the immersive musical tapestry of "The Witcher" Season 3 as you've never before. Immerse yourself in the magic and emotions that this vinyl soundtrack encapsulates. Order now to own a piece of this extraordinary auditory journey, transporting you to the fantasy realm of "The Witcher."

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