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Star Wars: A New Hope - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 35,49 EUR

Release: October 02, 2020


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • 2LP compilation album
  • Legendary compositions by John Williams

Label: Universal

EAN: 0050087462468


Side A

1. John Williams -  Main Title

2. John Williams - Imperial Attack

3. John Williams - Princess Leia's Theme

4. John Williams - The Desert And The Robot Auction

Side B

5. John Williams - Ben's Death And Tie Fighter Attack

6. John Williams - The Little People Work

7. John Williams - Rescue Of The Princess

8. John Williams - Inner City

9. John Williams - Cantina Band

Side C

1. John Williams - The Land Of The Sand People

2. John Williams - Mouse Robot And Blasting Off

3. John Williams - The Return Home

4. John Williams - The Walls Converge

5. John Williams - The Princess Appears

Side D

6. John Williams - The Last Battle

7. John Williams - The Throne Room And End Title


Composed by

  • John Williams

Including artists

  • John Williams

May the Force be with you with the iconic "Star Wars: A New Hope" original motion picture soundtrack. Filled with timeless compositions by John Williams, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. From the opening notes of the main theme to the epic orchestral arrangements that accompany the thrilling space battles, this iconic Star Wars soundtrack is a movies-fan must have! Experience the power and adventure of the Force as it resonates through every track.