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Spider-man Across the Spider-verse - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 42,40 EUR

Release: November 17, 2023


  • 2LP pressed on 'White and Black' and 'Deep Purple' colored vinyl

Label: Sony Classical

EAN: 0196588247811


Side A

1. Across the Spider-Verse (Intro)

2. Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy)

3. Vulture Meets Culture

4. Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O'Hara)

5. Guggenheim Assemble

6. The Right To Remain Silent

7. Across the Titles

8. My Name is... Miles Morales

Side B

9. Back Where It All Started

10. Miles Sketchbook

11. Under the Clocktower

12. Spider-Man India (Pavitr Prabhakar)

13. Mumbattan Madness

14. Spider-Punk (Hobie Brown)

15. Spot Holes 2

16. Indian Teamwork

Side C

1. Welcome To Nueva York (Earth-928)

2. Spider Society

3. Canon Event

4. All Stations - Stop Spider-Man

5. Nueva York Train Chase

Side D

6. The Go Home Machine

7. Falling Apart

8. The Anomaly

9. Five Months

10. Across the Spider-Verse (Start a Band)


Composed by

  • Daniel Pemberton

Including artists

Immerse in the Spider-Verse with "Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse - Highlights" vinyl soundtrack by Daniel Pemberton. Released in 2023, it features captivating tracks like "Vulture Meets Culture," "Miles Sketchbook," and more. Experience the magic through Daniel Pemberton's compositions that bring the Spider-Verse to life. This album captures the essence of the Spider-Verse story with its selection of highlights. Feel the energy of "Across The Spider-Verse (intro)" and revisit pivotal moments with "Back Where It All Started." Each track adds depth and emotion to the Spider-Man narrative. As you listen to the vinyl's enchanting melodies, you'll be transported into the vibrant world of Spider-Man. Order now to own a piece of this auditory journey that encapsulates the essence of the Spider-Verse. Whether you're a vinyl enthusiast or a Spider-Man fan, this soundtrack is a must-have addition to your collection.

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