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Sing Street - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 33,21 EUR

Release: May 19, 2016


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • 2LP compilation album featuring the soundtrack of Sing Street, the movie
  • Featuring some of the best bands, such as: The Cure, Motorhead & Duran Duran

Label: Universal

EAN: 0600753688908


Side A

1. Jack Reynor - Rock N Roll Is A Risk

2. Motorhead - Stay Clean

3. Ferdia Waish-Peelo - The Riddle Of The Model

4. Duran Duran - Rio

5. Ferdia Waish-Peelo – Up

Side B

1. Adam Hunter - To Find You

2. The Jam - Town Called Malice

3. The Cure - Inbetween Days

4. Ferdia Waish-Peelo - A Beautiful Sea

Side C

1. Daryl Hall, John Oates - Maneater

2. Joe Jackson - Steppin' Out

3. Ferdia Waish-Peelo - Drive It Like You Stole It

4. Ferdia Waish-Peelo - Up

Side D

1. M - Pop Muzik

2. Ferdia Waish-Peelo - Girls

3. Ferdia Waish-Peelo - Brown Shoes

4. Adam Levine - Go Now


Composed by

Including artists

  • Motorhead
  • Duran Duran
  • The Cure
  • Adam Levine

The captivating tunes of "Sing Street: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" on vinyl is something we can all enjoy. This delightful soundtrack takes you on a nostalgic journey through '80s Dublin, filled with infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics. From the anthemic "Drive It Like You Stole It" to the tender ballads like "Up," this vinyl edition brings the film's music to life, allowing you to relive the magic. Let the vibrant sounds and charming storytelling transport you to a world of dreams and musical inspiration.