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Sandman - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 53,09 EUR

Release: September 15, 2023


  • Colored vinyl
  • Includes insert

Label: Waxwork

EAN: 0850053152207


LP 1

1. The Kingdom of Dreams

2. Meet Ethel Cripps

3. The Threshold of Desire

4. Jessamy's Flight

5. The House of Secrets

6. Dream's Escape

7. Johanna & Rachel

8. The Oldest Game

9. A Kind Word and a Friendly Face

10. God Tells Me To Do It

11. Every Hundred Years

12. A True Annulet

13. Dreams Shape the World

LP 2

1. The Throne Room of the King of Dreams

2. Jed Walker, Guardian of Sleepers

3. Sleep Well, John

4. New Dreams To Spur the Minds of Men

5. Even a Nightmare Can Dream

6. A Remedy For Poison

7. The Truth of Mankind

8. Into the Vortex

9. Return To the White Horse

10. This is Fiddler's Green

11. Children of the Endless

12. There is Hope

13. New Dreams... a New Age

14. Fortune Go With You


Composed by

  • David Buckley

Including artists

Dive into the captivating world of "The Sandman" with its mesmerizing vinyl soundtrack. Based on Neil Gaiman's award-winning DC comics series, this character-driven blend of myth and dark fantasy unfolds over ten epic chapters. Experience Dream's profound adventures, as the Master of Dreams shapes our deepest fears and fantasies within the Dreaming. As Dream is captured and imprisoned for a century, a series of events ensue that alter both dreaming and waking worlds forever. To restore order, he journeys across diverse realms, revisiting friends, foes, and cosmic entities, mending the errors of his vast existence. Composer David Buckley, renowned for his work in film, TV, and games, crafts the enchanting score. From film scores like Wonder Woman to TV shows like The Good Wife, his compositions resonate. This vinyl release offers an auditory journey into "The Sandman" universe, where dreams and reality entwine. Immerse in the intricate melodies and order your piece of "The Sandman" magic on vinyl. Experience the fusion of music and fantasy that brings Neil Gaiman's masterpiece to life.

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