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Psycho - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 17,34 EUR

Release: October 08, 2015


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Including Bernard Hermann's haunting soundtrack from Psycho

Label: Vinyl Passion

EAN: 8719039000241


Side A

1. Bernard Hermann - Prelude: The City; Marion & Sam; Temptation

2. Bernard Hermann - Flight; The Patrol Car; The Car Lot; The Package

3. Bernard Hermann - Hotel Room; The Window; The Parlour; The Madhouse

Side B

4. Bernard Hermann - The Bathroom; The Murder; The Body; The Office

5. Bernard Hermann - The Search; The Shadow; Phone Booth; The Porch

6. Bernard Hermann - The Search; The First Floor; Cabin 10; Cabin 1

7. Bernard Hermann - The Hill; The Bedroom; The Toys; The Cellar; Disco


Composed by

Including artists

  • Bernard Hermann

The chilling intensity of "Psycho: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" by Bernard Herrmann on vinyl. composed by the legendary Bernard Herrmann, you can now immerse yourself in the iconic score that defined suspense in cinema. Feel the hair-raising tension build as the haunting strings and dissonant harmonies evoke the psychological thriller's sinister atmosphere. Crafted with meticulous precision, this vinyl soundtrack captures the essence of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece, enhancing the spine-tingling moments that have become etched in film history. Let the haunting melodies of "Psycho" send shivers down your spine by ordering your copy today.