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Horizon Forbidden West - Original Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 31,35 EUR

Release: June 30, 2023


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl

Label: Sony Classical

EAN: 0196587332211


Side A

1. Julie Elven And Melissa R. Kaplan - Whatever Comes

2. Julie Elven - Aloy's Theme - Forbidden West

3. Ariana Gillis - In The Flood  

4. Julie Elven - The World On Her Shoulders 

5. Melissa R. Kaplan - Echo Of You (Extended Version) 

6. Unity

Side B

1. No Footfalls To Follow 

2. These Stones Unturned 

3. Riddles In Ruins 

4. Wither And Ache 

5. The Chorus 

6. A Scattered Reflection

Side C 

1. Shelter From The Storm

2. Restricted Access 

3. Julie Elven - A Promise To Uphold  

4. The Sky Remade 

5. Edge Of The Sundom 

Side D 

1. Rusted Sands 

2. Machine Made

3. Julie Elven And Melissa R. Kaplan – Trinity (Extended Edition) 

4. Julie Elven - The Wings Of The Ten

5. Julie Elven And Melissa R. Kaplan - Resilience To Rise

6. In The Flood (Lovisa's Version) 


Composed by

Including artists

  • Julie Elven

The soundtrack from the award winning and breathtaking world of "Horizon Forbidden West" now on vinyl. This extraordinary soundtrack takes you on a journey through the stunning landscapes and captivating narrative of the game. With two LPs filled with immersive compositions, powerful orchestrations, and mesmerizing melodies. Allowing you to experience the game's atmosphere in a whole new way.

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