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Drag Me To Hell - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 38,01 EUR

Release: November 02, 2018


  • The Complete Score by Christopher Young
  • Artwork by Midnight Marauder
  • 180 Gram 2xLP “Hell-Fire” Colored Vinyl
  • Composer Liner Notes
  • Old Style Gatefold Jackets with Satin Coating

Label: Waxwork

EAN: 0728028469813


Side A

1. Christopher Young - Drag Me To Hell

2. Christopher Young - Mexican Devil Disaster

3. Christopher Young - Tale Of A Haunted Banker

4. Christopher Young - Lamia

Side B

1. Christopher Young - Black Rainbows

2. Christopher Young - Ode To Ganush

3. Christopher Young -  Familiar Familiars

4. Christopher Young - Loose Teeth

Side C

1. Christopher Young - Ordeal By Corpse

2. Christopher Young - Bealing Bells With Trumpet

3. Christopher Young - Brick Dogs Ala Cart

Side D

1. Christopher Young - Muddled Buddled Brain Stew

2. Christopher Young - Auto-Da-Fe

3. Christopher Young - Concerto To Hell


Composed by

  • Christopher Young

Including artists

  • Christopher Young

The chilling Original Motion Picture Score of Drag Me To Hell on vinyl. Directed by Sam Raimi, this horror film follows a cursed banker haunted by demonic forces. Composed by Christopher Young, the score creates an otherworldly atmosphere with layered violins, horns, and ethereal voices. This collaboration between Waxwork Records and Lakeshore Records offers the complete soundtrack on 2xLP "Hell-Fire" colored vinyl. With stunning artwork and deluxe packaging, this release is a must-have for vinyl collectors and horror enthusiasts.