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American Beauty - Vinyl Soundtrack

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Release: May 10, 2024

  • Limited edition blood red vinyl
  • Original score by Thomas Newman
  • Includes iconic tracks like "Any Other Name"
  • Collectible item for film and music enthusiasts
  • High-quality pressing for optimal sound experience
EAN: 0848064016922

Side A

  • Dead Already 3:18
  • Arose 1:05
  • Power Of Denial 1:44
  • Lunch W/ The King 2:26
  • Mental Boy 1:43
  • Mr. Smarty-Man 1:11
  • Root Beer 1:06
  • American Beauty 3:06
  • Bloodless Freak 1:36
  • Choking The Bishop 1:51

Side B

  • Weirdest Home Videos 2:02
  • Structure & Discipline 3:07
  • Spartanette 0:59
  • Angela Undress 1:43
  • Marine 1:34
  • Walk Home 1:20
  • Blood Red 0:38
  • Any Other Name 4:07
  • Still Dead 2:47

Composer: Thomas Newman
Label: Real Gone Music
Case: Sleeve

Blood Red Rose


Delve into the emotive realms of the "American Beauty" soundtrack on vinyl, composed by the renowned Thomas Newman. This masterpiece captures the essence of the film's dramatic narrative through its soul-stirring musical compositions. Each track intricately weaves elements of suspense and poignancy, mirroring the film's exploration of beauty and disarray in suburban life. Available in a limited edition blood red vinyl, this release is a must-have for collectors and audiophiles alike, serving as a timeless reminder of Newman's musical genius and the film's enduring impact on cinema.

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