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ZeussRob Zombie

Munsters - Vinyl Soundtrack

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Release: November 11, 2022

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  • The Complete Soundtrack w/ New Songs By Rob Zombie
  • Complete Score By Zeuss
  • Deluxe 2xLP 180 Gram "Herman" & "Lily" Colored Vinyl
  • Exclusive Liner Notes By Rob Zombie
  • New Art by Graham Humphreys
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Jackets with Matte Satin Coating
  • 24 Page Booklet
  • 12"x12" Art Print
  • Printed Inner Sleeves

Side A

  1. Disco Vampire
  2. I Got A Million Of Them
  3. Microbat / Megabat
  4. I Got You Babe
  5. It's Zombo
  6. Hollyweird
  7. El Vampiro
  8. Gateman, Goodbury And Graves
  9. They Are The Munsters

Side B

  1. Welcome To Transylvania
  2. The Count Rises
  3. Lily / Toccata And Fugue In D Minor
  4. The Boneyard Cafe
  5. Do You Like Rats?
  6. Lester And Zoya / Nice Neighborhood
  7. What Do I Look Like A Moron?
  8. Floop And The Shecky Brain
  9. Lily Dreams Of Herman
  10. Uranus God Of The Sky
  11. Dr. Wolfgang And The Creation Of Herman
  12. Good Morning Transylvania
  13. Breakfast Time
  14. Oh My God He Is Gorgeous
  15. Child Of Electricity

Side C

  1. For Some Strange Reason
  2. Farewell Comrades
  3. Hermie's Got A Date
  4. Lily Thinks I'm A Swinger
  5. Herman At The Castle
  6. A Simple Country Boy
  7. I'm Just A Regular Gal
  8. Cemetery Stroll / Devil's Island
  9. Husband Spell
  10. Dancing Monkey
  11. Lily's Coffin
  12. The Wedding
  13. What A Fun Town
  14. Paris

Side D

  1. A Complete Numbskull
  2. There's Only One Thing Left To Do
  3. Lord Grimsby
  4. Bottoms Up
  5. Transylvania Flight 666
  6. The Last Shipley Hotel
  7. 150 Is The New 100
  8. Mockingbird Heights
  9. Now What?
  10. And The Winner is...
  11. Halloween Boogie
  12. I Really Like That Mr. Gateman
  13. What A Crummy Day
  14. Knock'em Dead
  15. It's A Freakshow
  16. I Think We've Been Invaded
  17. I'm Rich
  18. The Munster's Opening Theme
  • Release date: 11-11-2022
  • Label: Waxwork Records
  • Record size: 12"
  • Case type: Sleeve
  • Genre: FantasyComedyScience FictionHorror
  • EAN: 0657768096235
  • Colour: Herman (Black & Monster Green Swirl)Lily (Black & Vampire White Swirl)

Unearth the eerie charm of "The Munsters Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," masterfully crafted by Rob Zombie and Zeuss, now available on vinyl for a hauntingly immersive listening experience. This soundtrack brings to life the whimsical yet spooky atmosphere of the iconic film, encapsulating the unique blend of horror and comedy that has captivated audiences. Perfect for both fans of the movie and vinyl collectors, this edition offers the full auditory depth and warmth that only vinyl can provide, ensuring each note and nuance of the soundtrack is felt in its entirety. From the gothic melodies to the rock-infused tracks, the vinyl pressing enhances the eccentricity and nostalgic vibe of "The Munsters," making it an essential addition to any collection. Whether it's the thrill of the chase or the laughter that follows, this soundtrack on vinyl promises to deliver an unparalleled listening experience, inviting fans to step into the world of their beloved characters with every spin. Owning "The Munsters Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" on vinyl is not just about the music; it's about preserving a piece of cinematic and musical history that continues to enchant and entertain.


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