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Modern Love Season 2 - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 8,26 EUR € 23,13 EUR

Release: April 15, 2022


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • PVC protective sleeve
  • Includes insert with liner notes
  • Music from the critically acclaimed Amazon-original series
  • Score by Jay Wadley (I'm Thinking Of Ending Things, Swan Song) and Gary Clark (Sing Street)
  • Featuring songs by Skye Edwards, Andy Shauf, Rosie Carney, Brian Byrne, Nerina Pallot a.o.

Label: Music On Vinyl

EAN: 8719262021976


Side A

  1. Gary Clark & John Carney - Setting Sail 2021
  2. Rosie Carney - Perfect Perfect
  3. Jay Wadley - Just Leave, Please
  4. Andy Shauf - Break My Silence
  5. Chong the Nomad - Forward
  6. Skye Edwards - All Frequencies Low
  7. Jay Wadley - Worst Fears
  8. Setting Sail (Nerina Pallot Version)

Side B

  1. Gary Clark - Fire
  2. Brian Byrne - Flirting On a Train
  3. John Byrne & John Carney - Meet Cute
  4. Gary Clark - Bedrooms
  5. Nerina Pallot, Gary Clark & John Carney - Lockdown Dublin
  6. Gary Clark - Michael
  7. Gary Clark & Gregor Philp - Christmas
  8. Gary Clark & Gregor Philp - Home Again
  9. John Carney, Gary Clark & Gregor Philp - Moonstone Setting Sail (ANDERMO Version)


Composed by

  • Jay Wadley

Including artists

  • Various Artists

The score of Modern Love Season 2 features both score music and original songs heard throughout the season's eight half-hour episodes. The music was written by Jay Wadley in cooperation with Gary Clark and feature vocal tracks featuring Rosie Carney, Nerina Pallot, John Byrne and Adermo. In addition, the score feature never-before-released songs written and performed by Andy Shauf, Chong The Nomad, Morcheeba's Skye Edwards and Gregor Philp.

Limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on translucent red coloured vinyl