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Renfield - Vinyl Soundtrack

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Release: September 27, 2023

  • The Complete Soundtrack by Marco Beltrami
  • 2xLP "Dracula Flesh & Blood" Splatter Colored Vinyl
  • Heavyweight Gatefold Jackets with Mate Satin Coating
  • New Artwork by Phantom City Creative
  • 12"x12" Insert
EAN: 0850053152191

Side A

1. Marco Beltrami - Back to the Beginning

2. Marco Beltrami - Wake and Bake

3. Marco Beltrami - Transitional Period

4. Marco Beltrami - Renfield Leaves Meeting

5. Marco Beltrami - Apache Joe

6. Marco Beltrami - Dragging Bodies

7. Marco Beltrami - Drac-hole

8. Marco Beltrami - Los Lobos

9. Marco Beltrami - Mulates Arrival

10. Marco Beltrami - Rebecca and Renfield Kick Ass

Side B

1. Marco Beltrami - Sweet n Low Hero

2. Marco Beltrami - World Domination Plan

3. Marco Beltrami - Inspiration

4. Marco Beltrami - Teddy Meets Dracula

5. Marco Beltrami - You’re the Monster Renfield

6. Marco Beltrami - Dracula Arrives at CODA

7. Marco Beltrami - Dracula Questions

8. Marco Beltrami - Let’s Eat

9. Marco Beltrami - Renfield Mourns

Side C

1. Marco Beltrami - Rebecca’s Escape

2. Marco Beltrami - Teddy in Dracula’s Lair

3. Marco Beltrami - SWAT Team Ambush

4. Marco Beltrami - Hello Mr. Dracula

5. Marco Beltrami - Renfield and Rebecca

6. Marco Beltrami - Dracula in Renfield’s Head

7. Marco Beltrami - The Familiar Battle

8. Marco Beltrami - Full Husk Emptied

Side D

1. Marco Beltrami - Rebecca Throws Shade

2. Marco Beltrami - Final Embrace

3. Marco Beltrami - Renfield’s Affirmations

4. Marco Beltrami - We Can Be Heros

5. Marco Beltrami - A Patchy Carmen

6. Marco Beltrami - Renfield Blues

7. Marco Beltrami - Dracula’s Gaze


Composer: Marco Beltrami
Label: Waxwork Records
Case: Gatefold Sleeve

Dracula Flesh & Blood splatter


Experience the debut vinyl release of "Renfield" Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Waxwork Records and acclaimed composer Marco Beltrami. This modern monster tale stars Nicholas Hoult as Renfield, the loyal servant of Dracula (Nicolas Cage). Procuring prey and fulfilling every debased request, Renfield longs for a life beyond his codependency. Beltrami, a two-time Oscar-nominated composer known for his genre-defying scores, delivers a captivating musical journey. From horror classics like the "Scream" franchise to critically acclaimed works such as "A Quiet Place," Beltrami's talent shines. Waxwork Records presents the deluxe 2xLP set of "Renfield," featuring striking artwork by Phantom City Creative and ""Dracula Flesh & Blood"" splatter colored vinyl. Don't miss out on this exceptional soundtrack experience by Waxwork Records.

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