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Spy X Family - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 205,99 EUR

Release: November 24, 2023


  • Available as 4-LP
  • The album is a Deluxe Edition original soundtrack
EAN: 5037899087978


  1. Theme of SPY x FAMILY
  2. Operation Strix
  3. The Prestigious School
  4. Anya's Theme
  5. Happy Family
  6. Yor's Theme
  7. Spy Action
  8. Unusual Family
  9. Twilight
  10. Tension
  11. Franky's Theme
  12. The Chase
  13. Warmth
  14. Ostania
  15. The Garden
  16. Loid's Theme
  17. The Target
  18. The Mission
  19. Suspense
  20. Psychic Girl
  21. Anya the Esper
  22. Fierce Battle
  23. Assassin
  24. Conflict
  25. Crisis
  26. Resolution
  27. Bond
  28. Forger Family
  29. Peaceful Days
  30. Comic
  31. Funny
  32. Joy
  33. Sorrow
  34. Emotion
  35. Hope


  • Composer: Know Name
  • Label: Anime Ltd
  • Case:
  • Colour:

Dive into the captivating world of "Spy x Family" with our latest release, the "Spy x Family" vinyl soundtrack 4LP. This beautifully pressed high-quality vinyl has been meticulously put together and mastered to perfection, bringing the world of "Spy x Family" to life in a way that digital formats simply can't match. The warmth and richness of the vinyl format add an extra layer of immersion, transporting you straight into the heart of the story. The stunning artwork that graces the cover is a visual treat, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the series. This vinyl is more than just music; it's a tangible piece of the "Spy x Family" universe, a collector's item that will be cherished by fans for years to come. 

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