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Silent Hill 4: The Room - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 46,27 EUR

Release: August 25, 2023


  • 2LP pressed on 180gr vinyl

Label: Mondo

EAN: 0850010229881


Side A

1. Tender Sugar

2. Waverer

3. Fortunate Sleep - Noone Disturb Her Dead

4. Melancholy Requiem

5. Confinement

6. Drops of Shame


Side B

7. The Suicidal Clock Chime

8. Silent Circus

9. Traversing the Portals of Reality

10. Into the Depths of Self Discovery

11. Cradel of Forest

12. Resting Comfortably


Side C

13. Nightmarish Waltz

14. Pulsing Ambience

15. Your Rain

16. The Last Mariachi

17. Wounded Warsong

18. Underground Dawn - Never Come


Side D

19. Fever Chill

20. Remodeling

21. Room of Angel

22. Waiting for You (Live at "Heaven's Night")


Composed by

  • Akira Yamaoka

Including artists

Immerse in the haunting ambiance of Silent Hill 4: The Room with the mesmerizing vinyl soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka. Released in 2023, this High-Quality 2-LP album captures the eerie essence of the game. Explore tracks like "Tender Sugar," "Fortunate Sleep - Noone Disturb Her Dead," and "Traversing The Portals Of Reality" that evoke the game's immersive experience. Akira Yamaoka's masterful compositions come to life on this vinyl release, offering fans a tactile and auditory journey through the game's world. This 2-LP set brings the eerie soundscapes and emotions to your turntable, creating an immersive experience like no other. Whether you're a dedicated gamer or a vinyl collector, Silent Hill 4: The Room's vinyl soundtrack is a must-have addition to your collection. Order now to own a piece of this haunting musical journey that echoes the game's atmospheric intensity.

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