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Reservoir Dogs - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 20,65 EUR

Release: June 02, 2017


  • 180 gram high quality vinyl
  • Black vinyl

Label: Music On Vinyl At The Movies

EAN: 0600753421024


Side A

1. Steven Wright - And Now Little Green Bag

2. George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag

3. Steven Wright - Rock Flock Of Five

4. Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling

5. Steven Wright - Bohemiath

6. Joe Tex - I Gotcha

7. Bedlam - Magic Carpet Ride

8. Quentin Tarantino - Harvey Keitel - Steve Buscemi - Lawrence Tierney - Eddie Bunker - Madonna Speech


Side B

1. Sandy Rogers - Fool For Love

2. Steven Wright - Super Sounds

3. Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You

4. Bedlam - Harvest Moon

5. Harvey Keitel - Tim Roth - Let's Get A Taco

6. Steven Wright - Keep On Truckin'

7. Harry Nilsson - Coconut

8. Steven Wright - Home Of Rock


Composed by

Including artists

  • George Baker Selection
  • Blue Swede
  • Joe Tex
  • Stealers Wheel
  • Harry Nilsson

Could you think of any other film producer that picks better soundtracks than the widely revered Quentin Tarantino? Inventing a genre on his own, his string of best-selling nouvelle violence movies started out in 1992 with the low budget cult classic Reservoir Dogs.

The film follows a band of criminals preparing for a diamond heist and follows the characters in the crime's aftermath. Its cast consists of sublime actors such as Harvey Keitel (whose comeback was a direct result of this film), Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, Chris Penn (Sean's brother) and Steve Buscemi as the legendary character of Mr. Pink. The film's sparkling dialog catapulted Reservoir Dogs to eternal cult status and remains a favourite among movie fans all over the world, a fame to which its soundtrack contributed a great deal.