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Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 42,97 EUR

Release: July 07, 2023


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Nostalgia classic composed by Joe Hisaishi For a Studio Ghibli Classic

Label: Studio Ghibli

EAN: 4988008085518


Side A

1. Joe Hisaishi - Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind - Opening Theme

2. Joe Hisaishi - Stampede of the Ohmu

3. Joe Hisaishi - The Valley of the Wind

4. Joe Hisaishi - The Princess of Who Loves Insects

5. Joe Hisaishi - The Invasion of Kushana

6. Joe Hisaishi - Battle

Side B

1. Joe Hisaishi - Contact With the Ohmu

2. Joe Hisaishi - In the Sea of Corruption

3. Joe Hisaishi - Annihilation of Pejite

4. Joe Hisaishi - The Battle Between Mehve and Corvette

5. Joe Hisaishi - The Resurrection of the Giant Warrior

6. Joe Hisaishi - Nausicaä Requiem

7. Joe Hisaishi - The Bird Man - Ending Theme


Composed by

  • Joe Hisaishi

Including artists

  • Joe Hisaishi

Another beautiful vinyl composition by Joe Hisaishi, featuring the soundtrack of "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind." Let the sweeping orchestral arrangements and mesmerizing melodies transport you to the vast and awe-inspiring landscapes of the Valley of Wind. From the ethereal "Nausicaa Requiem" to the thrilling "Bird Person," focusing on the spirit of adventure and environmental themes of this Studio Ghibli masterpiece