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Matrix (The Complete Edition) - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 48,60 EUR

Release: May 30, 2022


  • Available as a 3LP
  • The complete edition by Don Davis
  • Music from one of the biggest sci-fi blockbuster franchise ever

Label: Varese Sarabande

EAN: 0888072409385



  1. Logos / the Matrix Main Title
  2. Trinity Infinity
  3. Neo Con Brio
  4. Follow the White Rabbit
  5. Neo On the Edge
  6. Through the Surveillance Monitor
  7. Unable To Speak
  8. Bait and Switch
  9. Switched For Life
  10. Switched At Birth
  11. Switches Brew
  12. Cold Hearted Switch
  13. Nascent Nauseous Neo
  14. A Morpheus Movement
  15. Bow Whisk Orchestra


  1. Domo Showdown
  2. Switch or Break Show
  3. Shake, Borrow, Switch
  4. Switch Works Her Boa
  5. Bring Me Dinner
  6. The System
  7. Freeze Face
  8. Switch Woks Her Boar
  9. Cypher Cybernetic
  10. Ignorance is Bliss / Cyber Cyphernetic
  11. See Who?
  12. Switch Out
  13. Boon Spoy
  14. Oracle Cookies
  15. Threat Mix
  16. Exit Mr. Hat
  17. On Your Knees, Switch


  • Mix the Art
  • Whoa, Switch Brokers
  • The Cure
  • It's the Smell
  • The Lobby
  • No More Spoons
  • Dodge This
  • Fast Learning
  • Ontological Shock
  • That's Gotta Hurt
  • Surprise
  • 2. He's the One Alright


Composed by

  • Don Davis

Including artists

  • Don Davis

Enter the revolutionary world of "The Matrix" with its complete edition vinyl soundtrack. This 3LP collection, composed by the masterful Don Davis, is not just a soundtrack, but a portal into the heart of a sci-fi sensation. Each record in this set encapsulates the groundbreaking spirit of "The Matrix," delivering a rich auditory experience that complements the film's visual mastery. The vinyl format adds an authentic touch, immersing you in the intricate soundscapes and themes that defined a generation. Whether you're a die-hard fan revisiting the dystopian world or a vinyl enthusiast intrigued by the allure of sci-fi scores, this soundtrack is a must-have. It's a testament to the enduring legacy of "The Matrix" and the power of music to transport us to different realities.

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Customer Reviews

Be the first to write a review