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Grave Of The Fireflies - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 38,83 EUR

Release: July 07, 2023


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl

Label: Studio Ghibli

EAN: 4988008091113


Side A

1. Drama (Side A Insert Song)

2. Setsuko And Seita~Main Title

3. The Burnt-Out Area

4. Mother's Death

5. Early Summer

6. By The Pond

7. To The Ocean

8. The Beach

9. Parasol

Side B

1. Drama (Side B Insert Song)

2. Under The Cherry Blossoms

3. Drops

4. Moving

5. Older Brother, Younger Sister

6. Fireflies

7. Grave Of The Fireflies

8. Sunset

9. Carnage

10. Tragedy

11. Together~End Title


Composed by

  • Joe Hisaishi

Including artists

  • Joe Hisaishi

The haunting melodies of "Grave of the Fireflies", composed by Michio Mamiya capture the heart-wrenching tale of two siblings amidst the backdrop of war. Immerse yourself in the raw emotions conveyed by the orchestral arrangements and delicate piano notes. Let the power of the music transport you to the depths of human experience as you listen to the evocative tracks of "Grave of the Fireflies" on vinyl.