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FLCL Progressive / Alternative (Music From The Series) - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 40,00 EUR

Release: November 08, 2019


  • Blue and Yellow colored vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve

Label: Milan

EAN: 0190759909713


Side A

1. Spiky Seeds

2. I Think I Can (Fool On Cool Version)

3. The Third Eye (Fool On Cool Version)4. My Foot (Fool On Cool Version)

5. She Stood Like the Angel (Fool On Cool Version)

6. White Summer and Green Bicycle, Red Hair With Black Guitar (

7. Freebee Honey (Fool On Cool Version)

  • Side B

  • 1. Non Fiction (Fool On Cool Version)
  • 2. Fool On the Planet (Fool On Cool Version)
  • 3. Last Dinosaur (Fool On Cool Version)
  • 4. The Sun That Will Not Rise (Fool On Cool Version)
  • 5. Little Busters (Fool On Cool Version)
  • 6. Thank You, My Twilight (Fool On Cool Version)
  • 7. Star Overhead


Composed by

Including artists

  • Pillows

Discover "The Pillows - FLCL Progressive / Alternative (Music From The Series)" vinyl album— a captivating journey into the world of FLCL. This limited edition 2xLP release delivers The Pillows' iconic alternative rock sound, artfully complementing the series.

Featuring stunning yellow and blue marble discs within a captivating gatefold design, it's a visual and auditory delight for collectors and enthusiasts. This edition reimagines the "FooL on CooL generation" tracklist, with select tracks re-recorded for this album.

Enjoy top-notch sound quality, capturing every note and nuance. Whether you're a seasoned FLCL fan or a newcomer, this album is a must-have for your collection. Let The Pillows' music transport you to the vibrant world of FLCL Progressive and Alternative like never before!

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