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Songs from Coco - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 33,96 EUR

Release: October 13, 2023

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  • Available as a 1LP
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl 
  • Pressed on "Pepita Green Glow In The Dark" vinyl
  • Released to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary

Label: Disney

EAN: 0050087541378



  1. Remember Me (Ernesto De La Cruz)
  2. Much Needed Advice
  3. Everyone Knows Juanita
  4. Un Poco Loco
  5. Jálale
  6. The World Es Mi Familia
  7. Remember Me (Lullaby)


  1. La Llorona
  2. Remember Me (Reunion)
  3. Proud Corazón
  4. Remember Me (Dúo)


  1. Recuérdame (Solo)


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Dive into the enchanting world of Disney's Coco with the unique "Glow In The Dark Pepita Green" vinyl soundtrack. This special edition record is not just a treat for your ears, but also a visual delight that comes to life in the dark, reflecting the vibrant, mystical spirit of the movie. The lush green vinyl, inspired by the magical alebrije Pepita, glows in the dark, creating an otherworldly experience that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Coco's mesmerizing Day of the Dead imagery. From the heartfelt "Remember Me" to the uplifting "Un Poco Loco," this soundtrack is a celebration of Mexican culture, family bonds, and the power of music. The "Glow In The Dark Pepita Green" vinyl is a must-have for Disney enthusiasts and vinyl collectors alike, offering a unique way to relive Miguel's magical journey to the Land of the Dead. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of animation history and let the vibrant melodies of Coco illuminate your music collection!

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