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Pokémon Detective Pikachu - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 16,52 EUR € 30,57 EUR

Release: July 26, 2019

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180 gram audiophile vinyl

PVC protective sleeve

Including movie poster + 4-page booklet + exclusive postcard

Secret inscriptions in run-out groove

Exclusive full colour picture of Pikachu on D-side

Score composed by Henry Jackman (Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: First Class)

Critically acclaimed 2019 movie

Label: Music On Vinyl At The Movies

EAN: 8719262011274


Side A

1. Mewtwo Awakes 2. Catching a Cubone 3. Bad News 4. Howard Clifford 5. Ryme City 6. A Key to the Past 7. Aipom Attack 8. On the Case 9. Childhood Memories 10. Buddies 11. The Interrogation of Mr. Mime 12. The Roundhouse

Side B

1. Pikachu vs. Charizard 2. Embrace 3. Digging Deeper 4. Unauthorized Access 5. Greninja & Torterra 6. The Forest of Healing

Side C

1. Shock to the System 2. Save the City 3. True Colors 4. Merge to One 5. Game On 6. Ditto Battle 7. Howard Unplugged 8. Epiphany 9. Together

Side D

No Music - Exclusive full colour picture of Pikachu


Composed by

  • Henry Jackman

Including artists

Fans everywhere can now experience a Pokémon on the big screen as never before, as Detective Pikachu, a Pokémon like no other. The film also showcases a wide array of beloved Pokémon, each with its own unique traits and personality. The music to the movie is composed by Henry jackman (Captain Phillips, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass).

Limited edition on white vinyl