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Donnie Darko (20th Anniversary Edition) - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 28,09 EUR

Release: October 22, 2022


• 180gr metallic silver coloured vinyl

• Includes download code

• Score by Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules

• 20th anniversary edition including bonus track

Label: Everloving

EAN: 0812208014792


Side A

1. Carpathian Ridge

2. The Tangent Universe

3. The Artifact & Living

4. Middlesex Times

5. Manipulated Living

6. Philosophy Of Time Travel

7. Liquid Spear Waltz

8. Gretchen Ross

9. Burn It To The Ground

10. Slipping Away

Side B

11. Rosie Darko

12. Cellar Door

13. Ensurance Trap

14. Waltz In The 4th Dimension

15. Time Travel

16. Did You Know Him?

17. Mad World

18. Mad World (Alternate Version)


Composed by

  • Michael Andrews

Including artists

  • Gary Jules

The vinyl soundtrack from the Cult-classic Donnie Darko, brings you back to this iconic movie. Donnie Darko is a psychological thriller with science-fiction elements about a teen (portrayed by a young Jake Gyllenhaal) troubled by visions of a man in a rabbit costume instructing him to commit a series of crimes. With its unique plot and multiple awards and nominations this film is considered a classic by many.

Except for the highly renowned cover of 'Mad World' by Tears for Fears (featuring vocals by Gary Jules), the 16-track long score is composed entirely by Michael Andrews and very effectively evokes a spooky atmosphere.

Donnie Darko is available as a 20th anniversary edition on metallic silver vinyl.