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Castle In The Sky - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 48,12 EUR

Release: November 03, 2018


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Composed with by the legendary Joe Hisaishi for one of Studio Ghibli's finest

Label: Studio Ghibli

EAN: 4988008085815


Side A

1. Joe Hisaishi - Girl Who Fell From The Sky

2. Joe Hisaishi - Morning Of Slag Valley

3. Joe Hisaishi - Funny Fight (~ Pursuit)

4. Joe Hisaishi - Memories Of Gondoor

Side B

1. Joe Hisaishi - Passo Of Disappointment

2. Joe Hisaishi - Robot Army (resurrection ~ Rescue)

3. Joe Hisaishi - Picking Up The Choir (chorus/Suginami Children's Choir)

4. Joe Hisaishi - Theta's Determination


Composed by

  • Joe Hisaishi

Including artists

  • Joe Hisaishi

A Studio Ghibli classic, "Castle in the Sky" Original Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi on vinyl is filled with whimsical melodies and heartfelt compositions. Experience the timeless beauty of this iconic anime film and add this vinyl treasure to your collection today.