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Corpse Bride - Vinyl Soundtrack

€ 65,25 EUR

Release: October 04, 2023


  • 2-lp set
  • 1st ever vinyl reissue of Danny Elfman's masterpiece!
  • "Moonlit" vinyl pressing
  • Limited to 1250 copies
  • Includes Insert

Label: Real Gone Music

EAN: 0848064015451


Side A

  1. Main titles
  2. According to plan
  3. Victor's piano solo
  4. Into the forest
  5. Remains of the day

Side B

  1. Casting a spell
  2. Moon dance
  3. Victor's deception
  4. Tears to shed
  5. Victoria's escape
  6. The new piano duet
  7. New arrival

Side C

  1. Victoria's wedding
  2. The wedding song
  3. The party arrives
  4. Victor's wedding
  5. Barkis's bummer
  6. The finale

Side D

  1. End credits part 1
  2. End credits part 2
  3. Ball & socket lounge music #1 (band version)
  4. Remains of the day (combo lounge version)
  5. Ball & socket lounge music #2
  6. Ball & socket lounge music #1 (combo version)


Composed by

  • Danny Elfman

Including artists

  • Danny Elfman

Step into the whimsically macabre world of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" with Danny Elfman's original motion picture soundtrack on vinyl. From the first note, you'll be transported to a land of skeletal dances, moonlit vows, and tales of love that defies even death. Each track is a bewitching blend of romance, comedy, and gothic charm, masterfully composed by Elfman, Burton's long-time collaborator. As the vinyl spins, you can almost see Victor nervously practicing his vows and the Corpse Bride rising from the ground, all set against the backdrop of a quaint Victorian village and the vibrant Land of the Dead. Perfect for die-hard Burton fans, vinyl aficionados, or anyone who appreciates a spine-tingling good tune. So, dim the lights, let the needle drop, and let the enchanting tales of love and the afterlife fill your room

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