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Jun Chikuma

Best Of Super Bomberman 1-5 - VInyl Soundtrack

€ 63,91 EUR

Release: January 12, 2024

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  • Available as a 2LP
  • Pressed on Black Vinyl
  • Available on vinyl for the first time ever!
  • Tracks by Jun Chikuma, Tomoyuki Hamada and Yasuhiko Fukuda
  • Gatefold artwork by Maddie Copp

Side A

  1. Stage 1
  2. Stage 3
  3. Stage 6
  4. Boss Stage
  5. Ending
  6. Round 1
  7. Round 2
  8. Battle 1
  9. Battle 3

Side B

  1. Staff Roll
  2. Opening
  3. Select 1
  4. BGM 1
  5. BGM 2
  6. BGM 3
  7. BGM 4
  8. BGM 5
  9. BGM 6
  10. Password
  11. Staff Roll

Side C

  1. Select 2
  2. Battle
  3. Stage 1
  4. Stage 2
  5. Stage 3
  6. Stage 4
  7. Staff Roll
  8. Battle 1
  9. Zone Select 1
  10. Zone 1

Side D

  1. Zone 2
  2. Zone 3
  3. Zone 5 (Protrusion Heart Block)
  4. Zone 5 (Gears)
  5. Final Boss Stage 1
  6. Staff Roll 1-1
  7. End
  • Release date: 12-01-2024
  • Composer: Jun Chikuma
  • Label: Ship To Shore
  • Record size: 12"
  • Case type: Gatefold Sleeve
  • Genre: Animated
  • EAN: 0616967900590
  • Colour: Black
Immerse yourself in the explosive world of Bomberman with the "Best of Super Bomberman Original Soundtrack" on vinyl. This exceptional collection features the most iconic tunes from the beloved video game series, all pressed onto high-quality vinyl for a superior audio experience. Relive the excitement and nostalgia of navigating through mazes, setting bombs, and outsmarting opponents, all set to a dynamic and engaging soundtrack. With its vibrant sound quality and classic Bomberman melodies, this vinyl is a must-have for fans of the series and vinyl collectors. It's a unique blend of retro gaming and modern audio fidelity, offering an entertaining and informative experience for all listeners.

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